Hundreds of Customers – Marketing Brilliance


Hundreds of Customers is a full service, local marketing company, owned by Kansas native Justin West.  Based out of Atchison, KS, near Benedictine College, Hundreds of Customers serves the entire KC metro area and aims to be one of the best local marketing companies in the area.

Focusing on non-traditional, “hyper-local” forms of marketing, Mr. West boasts that he can help small businesses attract more customers without having to worry about breaking the bank.  ”Many small business owners I talk to spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on advertising, often without fully realizing that it IS marketing that they are spending their money on, which leads them to spend it wastefully and without much effect.  We help every business we work with by first performing a full audit of their marketing to figure out what is working well, and what isn’t working at all.  For many, this is a real eye opener.”

Hundreds of Customers is offering a special promotion through KC Local.